Kristal Damron at Chateau de Vie

 All photography was performed by Ivan Martinez photography

All photography was performed by Ivan Martinez photography

Kristal Damron is the author of an upcoming coffee table book all about entertaining guests in your home. Kristal's passion for entertaining friends and family has grown over the years. So much so, that she decided it was time to share her tips and tricks with others. Her upcoming book features Lenox China, stemware, and flatware, as well as fully dressed elegant tables. Throughout the pages you will find delicious four course meals with cocktails and wine pairings. Damron covers Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall with a detailed how-to on presenting and serving delectable and tasteful meals.

We asked Kristal what inspired her to create this unique coffee table book. Her honest and inspiring response was as follows;

"As I looked for ways to gain more flexibility with my time so that I can be Mommy to my two little girls, Arianna and Alexandria, I became very interested in culinary.  Given what I have achieved in the corporate world, I looked at several culinary career paths and catering was the best fit.  As such, this endeavor needed to be funded so through mediation and prayer the idea of writing a book came to me. ”A book I asked. Yes, write a book.”"

So what brought Kristal to Chateau de Vie?  

"As I looked for places to shoot the various table settings and background photos, my linen supplier, Ginia, from YKnot Party Rental and floral design, mentioned the Chateau de Vie to me. I have been in Phoenix for a long time and this is one of my favorite properties. The estate is just elegant and grand, a perfect setting for the shoots."

Chateau de Vie is featured in Kristal's Thanksgiving, Easter, and Family Dinner photos for her book.

"All of the photos were beautiful, highlighting the elegance of the table settings and the surroundings."

When asked about her time at Chateau de Vie, Kristal advised:

"The team and I had a great experience at the Chateau. Autumn is fabulous to work with and her staff was great.  Everyone was professional and communication was very good.  Autumn provided clear terms and conditions as well as instructions for the day use." 

Our team loved to hear Kristal's story and wanted to know more about her upcoming book. 

"The book is designed to get one started on the road to entertain and celebrate. The reader can copy exactly what has been provided in the book or they can pick and choose from the selection.  If they pick and choose, then they can go to the internet for a more targeted search that meets their specific taste. For example, if my menu offered duck pate as an item and the reader likes traditional pate, then they can swap out the item and make traditional pate and the rest of the menu and wine pairings are still there for them to use. They don’t have to start from scratch."

Kristal Damron's target book release date is Winter 2018. In the meantime, she is preparing approximately 129 food items to test out wine pairings. Her goal is to accomplish 12 months of cooking in a mere six months. With passion and determination like Kristal's, we know we will be seeing her book on shelves just in time for the Holidays next year.